Saturday, October 21, 2017

Resources for Pet Professionals are Applicable for Life!

Here is one: day three of a free conference.

How to Thrive in Your Pet Business (and in Your Life)

An entertaining interview of Kristin Morrison who organizes this free online series of videos called a ‘conference.’ Morrison is interviewed by a friend (both forty-somethings), so pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare to giggle at the antics of these two long-time friends, even with the sound turned off.

Ah, they finally say the word, dog! (I was afraid they would get to the end without doing so.)

Series of Videos

The fourth annual free Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference began Wednesday, 18 October, and runs for more than two weeks. First you register, so those putting on the conference can send you advertising emails for the next year! In addition, you can access the one or two new half-hour video interviews each day on various pet or general topics. (However, after 24 hours, each video becomes un-free but still available for purchase.)

Day Three

I believe this video is Day Three, though it may have been distributed early – I found it on Day Two and I can’t find the Day Four email in my email or my junk mail or even my ‘halfway email.’ Regardless, it is available free now – until 10 am PDT Saturday, or maybe Sunday, is very minimally pet centric and more general life oriented.

We found it highly entertaining and inspirational yet low on information.


According to the website, in this segment you will learn:
·       -- How to put the pieces together to make the business work in a congruent way
·       -- Why selling your service or taking actions to uplevel your business probably won’t work if you aren’t doing this one action
·       -- How to take in positive and negative feedback from clients (it’s probably not what you might think)
·       -- Some of the hardest issues facing pet business owners today and what to do about those issues
·       And much more! 

Sounds too good to be true! And though I am good at listening and taking notes, I didn’t take notes: afterwards, I had trouble remembering the bullet points that were mentioned.

How Morrison Started

Morrison started walking dogs 22 years ago and, three months after working for someone else, she started her own dog walking business: five years later she was ‘coaching’ others on how to start a pet business (probably had a business or psychology background). Today, her business is called Prosperous Pet Business and she has authored Six-Figure Pet Business in which she interviews some stars of the pet world.

Previous years’ conferences are also available. They are worth a look and appeal to very different kinds of people.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Most Resources for Pet Professionals are Applicable for Others: Here is Day Two

The fourth annual free Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference began Wednesday, 18 October, and runs for more than two weeks. First you register, so those putting on the conference can send you advertising emails for the next year! In addition, you can access the one or two new half-hour video interviews each day on various pet or general topics. (However, after 24 hours, each video becomes un-free but still available for purchase.)

Day Two

Day Two, available free now - today, is very minimally pet centric and more general business oriented since this reviewer hadn’t heard of the speaker, a graphic artist, before today.

Paula Hansen ( was interviewed on the topic, Visual Goal Setting for Pet Business Success, but the information is valuable for any business and for any non-business person as well. Her business is helping you create your unique vision chart in a fun, simple graphic.

The take-home lesson from this goal-setting presentation is “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” Hansen also speaks about requirements for good goal setting such as a clear vision, motivation, focus, engaging creativity and accountability.

She quickly reviews for us that it is the right brain that is creative, artsy and visual while the left side is more linear and logical: consequently, it is more fun and probably more memorable if we can use graphics and simple drawings to set and remember our goals. She shows us how.

Don’t forget – SMART goals are:
S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – relevant
T – timely

To see Ms. Hansen’s drawings of the goal setting process, go to her site and click on Vision Charts.

Previous conferences are also available for purchase.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Free Pet Conference Online!

Most Resources for Pet Professionals are also Great for Families! Here is one.

The fourth annual free Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference began Wednesday, 18 October and runs for more than two weeks. After you register, you are notified of the schedule and can access the one or two half-hour video interviews a day on various pet topics. However, after 24 hours, each video becomes un-free but still available for purchase.

Although this ‘conference’ is slated for pet professionals such as groomers, dog trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers and people in ‘doggy day care,’ many topics will be fascinating and easy to digest for the average human – such as the marvelous Dr. Ian Dunbar (Tuesday, October 24) and ever-popular Victoria Stillwell (Friday, October 27). This year’s line-up also features dog trainer and author Andrea Arden from New York (the others may be less pet centric and more business oriented since DogEvals hasn’t heard of them).

The first interview of 2017 featured Wayne Pacelle, CEO (for 13 years) of the Humane Society of the United States,and was titled The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers are Transforming the Lives of Animals which just happens to be the title of his second book. (Pacelle’s first book, The Bond: Our Kinship with Animals, Our Call to Defend Them
was published in 2011.) Pacelle, a highly-paid executive has many successes in the world of animal welfare and also his share of critics.

Memorable quotes from Pacelle’s interview include: “We are supposed to be good to animals” and “We feel better when we do the right thing.”

Pacelle is an inspirational speaker (this reviewer heard him in person a few years ago) and has had a long career with the HSUS. This time he spoke of busy lives including that of ethologist Jane Goodall who, at 83, still travels 300 days a years for the chimpanzees, speaking on topics from the environment to “Roots and Shoots.”
Pacelle also revealed that he is a vegan and the average person eats 220 pounds of meat a year.

I plan to listen to at least three days of the conference this year, if not every day. Previous conferences are also available.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Bracelet for the Ocean

How Jewelry Can Help Save the Ocean
I am wearing a lovely bracelet made of clear 'glass' beads on a blue braid (a green bracelet was available for Earth Day). I love it! My bracelet is waterproof and so adjustable it will fit anyone.

The blue cord on my bracelet is recycled polyethylene terephthalate from water bottles and the beads come from glass bottles. The 4Ocean charm on each bracelet is stainless steel.

Pull a Pound

And best of all, it’s good for the ocean! The clear glass beads on my wrist are made from the equivalent of one pound of plastic trash removed from the seas through local clean-ups and global efforts – from Key Largo (pre-Irma) to Montserrat to California, Connecticut, Canada, the Philippines, Norway, the Bahamas and Eleuthera.

Thanks, Irma!

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, more trash has entered the ocean in the past 10 days than in the last 10 months. 4Ocean is working overtime.

And, Best of All!

Watch Lila the dog* collect plastic bottles from the ocean and the beach! To her, it's all a game. Good girl, Lila!

Recycling Trash Since January 2017

Two scuba divers starting picking up trash and in January founded 4Ocean. The movement has since grown to 34 full-time employees.

4Ocean conducts both onshore beach clean-ups that you can volunteer for to prevent trash from entering the ocean environment, and five offshore boat clean-ups around the world to remove trash that is already in the ocean.

Success Around the World Cleaning the Ocean 7 Days a Week

US                  37,312 pounds of trash removed for recycling

Bahamas - 31,173 pounds
Canada - 871 pounds
Montserrat -1,102 pounds
Haiti - 15,615 pounds
Philippines - 3,647 pounds
Norway - 3,192 pounds and counting!

Buy it. You’ll Love it.

Buy it because it’s beautiful, both in appearance and philosophy. Spread the word. You owe it to yourself – and to our oceans.

Read more about it:

Remember: One Bracelet, One Pound!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Movie Review: Underdog (beagle, boy, family, superpowers)

Underdog: Saving the World, One Paw at a Time (Disney, 82 minutes, 2007, Rated PG)

“Look, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a frog!”
“No. It’s Underdog!”

If you didn’t grow up with Underdog, or if your kids didn’t, here is your chance to get caught up on modern canine culture from the very beginning. Underdog is truly a classic and a delight for the entire family. It is a movie that I will gladly watch again.

A rookie talking beagle* on the police force doesn’t ‘make it’ (and neither does his cop, John Belushi) – a rookie pup, competing with the three experienced talking German Shepherd Dogs.

But our hero, Shoeshine, can smell food in a can in a cupboard, can open cans with a squeeze of his teeth, can even fly (but has to learn how to fly straight).

Underdog has Everything

Would you believe a Chinese Crested (that’s a dog) in a secret science lab, a leopard-skinned Dachshund, a Rottie, a Frenchie, a bulldog-type, a black dog, a girl named Molly and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Polly, and, of course, the requisite mad scientist. Oh, and throw in Jay Leno. And a single dad (former cop now security guard) and K9 Police Dog (now, a pet).

The Plot

“Let’s kidnap the mayor!”

“There’s no need to fear. Underdog is here.”

When the boy plays hooky, chaos ensues as the dog, our hero, Shoeshine, slowly learns his superpowers** and learns to harness them (some, though, he never gets the hang of: flying without bumping into everything and through everything!). Our hero speaks English along with a little Chihuahua and some Retriever but his Shih Tzu is a bit rusty.

DogEvals Loves Shoeshine!

Easy jokes for us older folks. And, of course, a lesson to be learned about family and home but astute jokes that fly by so quickly it’s hard to remember them.

See John Belushi as an older father to an older middle school boy and Samantha Bee as a middle school principal!

There is even some romance – of the canine kind. And the middle school kind, too.

Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” Is. . . . a Dog?


*a nose connected to four paws and a constantly wagging tail
** how our hero gets his superpowers is something that I will not reveal

Dogs courtesy of Boone’s Animals (movies, TV shows, commercials and more: The Parent Trap, Hachi, Must Love Dogs, Pirates of the Caribbean)