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Product Evaluation: Garden Fresh 'Green' Plush Toys a Hit with Fido and Good for Pets, People and the Planet
 EverythingDogBlog #47
(Photo credits: PetPlay. "Lab-Happy Over Garden Fresh Plush Carrot." "Labbie Works Hard for Garden Fresh Plush Fruits and Veggies."
EverythingDogBlog: BlogPaws* Find! Garden Fresh ‘Green’ Plush Toys for Fido
By Skye Anderson, MS
When is a green toy not green? When it’s a carrot!
(Reminds me of this joke: Question - How do you catch a rabbit? Answer - Hide in the bushes and make a sound like a carrot!)
At the BlogPaws conference I attended recently, I was handed a couple of new Garden Fresh (“Inspired by Healthy Food”) toys to try out, or, rather, to have my dog try out - a pumpkin ($13.50) and a carrot ($8.50) (see photos courtesy of PetPlay).
They are so incredibly soft and big (life size, perhaps, or bigger?), machine-washable, durable, non-toxic, and they have a squeakie inside.
These plush toys are made by PetPlay ( whose website is so full of great information about this green company that it cannot be ‘mined in a day.’
For example, the eco-friendly, certified-safe PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. (I’ve never understood how glass can become so soft.)
As a human, I like the fact that the tag is attached to the toy with heavy string, not a plastic tie. The tag is also made of recycled heavy-paper and includes a carrot cookie recipe for dogs along with information about why carrots are good for you and Fido. Or, in my case, for Mia (the dog). The pumpkin tag included a recipe for PB & Pumpkin cookies for canines. Both recipes are edible by people, too (especially kids), but preferred by dogs.
Also in the new Garden Fresh collection are an apple, a zucchini and a peapod (see photo). The Under The Sea set includes a king crab, a giant clam, a starfish, a giant squid, and a green sea turtle. What fun!
PetPlay (P.L.A.Y. – Pet Lifestyle And You) products are available locally at all five Bark! stores ( ) including the Clarksville original store, The Big Bad Woof in Hyattsville (, and the Pet Barn in Maple Lawn/Fulton ( ).
*(BlogPaws was a conference I attended recently for dog bloggers and cat bloggers and. . . .)
(This blog first appeared on on 10 Jun 2013.)

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