Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Review: Barking up the Family Tree (kids, dogs)

Barking up the Family Tree

Where do kids and pets belong? Together!
A Girl and Her Dog
A Girl and Her Dog
EverythingDogBlog #94: Book Review 
Barking up the Family Tree: Kids and Their Animal Kinships, by Mark Asher (2005, Andrews McMeel Publishing, $12.95, 80 pp)
The Three P’s of Pet-Kid Photography and Their Relationships
“There are only three things you need to photograph kids and pets: patience, perseverance, and prayer.”
“There is no better companion, teacher or medicine for a child than the family pet.” – Anonymous
These two quotes tell it all – about the relationship between kids and pets and what they can teach and learn from each other.
Barking up the Family Tree is a photographic (with words) inspirational compilation of interviews with both kids and their pets! From dogs and cats to birds, horses and snakes and everything in between.
Where do Kids and Pets Belong?
What can I say about this photo collection of kids and their best friends set against staggeringly majestic trees, leaning on weathered fences, lying on the green summer grass, sitting on an old garden bench, walking in the rain with a bright yellow slicker, squatting on a bale of hay, playing gleefully in a pile of Autumn leaves, or riding to nowhere in wheelbarrows and baskets – kids and pets belong outdoors, playing.
The Bond is a Gem, The Inteviews are Awesome
Both the pet and the kid interviews are the gems, although tied for first place with the professional scenic photos.
Each kid-pet pair talks about their common interests, their favorite activities to do together. They are also asked about what they have learned from each other (yes, we learn from our best friends) and if the kid were an animal, what animal would he be, plus, if the pet were a person, what kind of person would he be? The answers are hilarious and thought-provoking.
For Example, . . . .
What did Jordan learn from Jessie (his dog)? Not to leave his toys on the floor, especially stuffed animals.
And what did Jessie-the-dog learn from Jordan? That if she waits until the adults go to bed, she can sleep on his boy Jordan’s bed!
Kimberly and Jake-the-Lab like swimming in the ocean and sharing a big, stuffy pillow.
Spike wants to be a bouncer so he can patrol the dog park and keep out the lap dogs. And one little girl would like to be a bear, so she can sleep all winter and miss school.
Great idea
Barking up the Family Tree gives me a great idea for a new column in our golden retriever rescue newsletter. Thanks, Mark Asher! For a great idea and for a book to keep.
Bonus: And, finally, yes, even kids and their pets sometimes look alike!
To see more of Mark Asher's work: http://www.markjasher.com/books/
(Disclaimer: I purchased this book to review. The photo posted [credit: DS] does not appear in the book but is a wonderful example of the bond between a girl and her dog. I was unable to obtain an image of the book but you can view it here.)(This article first appeared on www.columbiapatch.com on 19 November 2013.)


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