Monday, February 17, 2014

EverythingDogBlog: Is Your Dog Prepared?

Is your cat prepared for a CATastrophe?
EverythingDogBlog #133: What would happen to your dog, if. . . . ?
A few years ago, the townhouse of a dog-sitting client (and friend) burned down, with her dog inside. Needless to say, she was devastated.
And last weekend, a serious fire across the street from us displaced tenants from 24 units. People lost everything, due to either the fire (upper two floors) or water damage to the ground level units. The burned-out building looked like a war scene and smelled like a campfire. Streetlights are still out, adding to the surrealism when we walk our dogs in the evening.
Walking Mia-the-Lab the morning after the fire, I met a woman who still had not located her cat so I eased her mind and gave her information for the county animal shelter and a pet tracker I know.
Are You Prepared?
What would happen to your pets if there was a catastrophe at your home during the day while you are away? Would anyone know to look for them?
Simple Peace of Mind – For Free!
A simple solution that goes a long way toward giving you peace of mind is to put a notice on your doors (and windows) that there are pets inside: dogs, cats, and number. You can get just such a decal from the ASPCA, called the Pet Safety Pack. It’s free and also comes with a magnet with the pet poison control number on it. 
Googling 'pet inside decal' helped me locate numerous other pet alert stickers and vinyl decals for all prices. Now you have no excuse - protect your pet. I sincerely hope a catastrophe never happens to you but you will feel better knowing someone will know your pets are home.

(This article first appeared on on 17 February 2014. Photo of pet alert decal from the ASPCA website.)

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