Monday, February 22, 2016

Book Review: Lady Louise (poodles, little girls, ladies, castles)

Lady Louise: The Adventure Begins, by Karen Petit (Karen Petit Books, 68 pages, 2015, $19.95, ages 3-8 – just right for an older child to read to a younger sibling)

Definitely for Little Girls!

With a pink castle on the cover and curly-haired poodles inside, Lady Louise is definitely a book written with little girls in mind (little boys will guffaw at the name of the country where the story takes place, PoodleLoo).

But boys are not forgotten: In the next book, Lady Louise will be accompanied on her world tour representing PoodleLoo by the queen’s reluctant younger brother, Darcell Andre LeRoy Bernard Louis-Charles, or Prince Brother for short - who can’t walk without  his nose in a book (my kind of guy!)

Every Little Girl can be a Lady

And Lady Louise will show the way. As author Karen Petit told me, “The only princesses are in fairy tales or, rarely, in real life countries now-a-days, but every little girl can learn to be a lady!”

But before she leaves on her adventure, her mother, the Loveliest Lady Cecile, bequeaths  her words of wisdom that work for every little girl – lessons on how to be a lady (since we can’t all be a princess) since she will be representing her entire county abroad to the rest of the world.

The First Lady of Kindness and Grace

Lady Louise is the First Poodle-in-Waiting in the Land of PoodleLoo to Queen Elise Josephine Margaux Caroline Hortense de Guise, known as the Beloved Queen, for short.  (Love those names!) Lady Louise has many collars and crowns, and jewels, bows and ribbons, and capes and robes.

She loves looking out over the Ocean of Hope but wants so badly to travel the world that she connives a plot to be able to do so, and it works! As the story ends (the first in a series), Lady Louise has finished packing for her new adventure which begins the next day. Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

A Longer Book with Shorter Chapters

Girls aged 3-6 love being read to and those 7 or 8 can read Lady Louise all by themselves! The illustrations are precious and the poodles are lovely.

Final Points

Print on left-hand pages is blue-green and print on right-hand pages is black. Shall we guess why? And the only disadvantage may be having to wait for the next book in the series, in which the lovely Lady Louise begins her world tour representing PoodleLoo – in Paris!

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