Saturday, March 5, 2016

Update on Rocket Recall! Workshop in March!

Rocket Recall Workshop this Month in Georgia!

Are you (or your dog) desperate for a rock-solid "rocket recall" and want it NOW? Are you intrigued by the idea of a Rocket Recall after reading the review about the DVD in DogEvals' last post?  Did you purchase the DVD and now you want more personal instruction? Are you available the weekend of 19-20 March and can drive, fly or hop to the Atlanta area? Do you want to just skip the DVD and learn the rocket recall in person WITH your dog?

If so, you are in luck! 

Cold Nose College ( offers weekend workshops on several topics (with or without your dog) which is an idea I wish I had thought of! It is so much easier to learn a new skill (both you and your dog) when you can devote several hours to it in a short period of time rather than just one hour a week spread out over too many weeks. It is so much easier to have hours of one-on-attention and personal direction. It is so much easier to learn an approach, a method of problem-solving than merely to learn how to do one skill. Wouldn't you rather take home knowledge to work things out yourself in the future than to just have one behavior 'down pat'?

Cold Nose College's Brad and Lisa Waggoner ("We make training fun!")
have scheduled a Rocket Recall weekend for 19-20 March in the Atlanta area (Marietta) area and - the price is right! For both dog owners and for dog trainers who want to brush up on their skills (CEUs are available).

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