Saturday, June 4, 2016

Book Review: Paddington (bear, London)

Paddington with Nicole Kidman, based on the book by Michael Bond written in 1958 (StudioCanal DVD, $9.86, 2015, 95 minutes, rated PG)

Since this DogEvals reviewer thought Eeyore was a dog until just recently, she was given the unique assignment of evaluating Paddington for EverythingDogBlog - and enjoying it with a few children who hooted and hollered and giggled and fell in love with Paddington Bear all over again.

For those very few humans who haven’t yet met Paddington Bear (and that does not include British readers who all grew up with the Bear), Paddington is a rare bear stowaway from “deepest darkest Peru” who ends up in Paddington Station, London, and is reluctantly taken in, temporarily, by the Brown family. Reluctantly, that is, until, when, a few days and many hilarious escapades and misunderstandings later, the entire Brown family falls in love with the adorable bear who lives on orange marmalade and sleeps in the attic.

Why is Paddington Bear so Lovable?

Everyone loves Paddington, the bear who tries so hard, causing so much havoc but, fortunately, perhaps due
to his heart of gold, everything turns out lovable in the end. The slapstick humor is as creative and unique as our Bear’s red fedora and blue car coat and, later, yellow Wellies*, are now recognized the world over.

Paddington is loved by parents because he is so polite and loved by girls because he is so round and cuddly (he literally rolls down stairs) and loved by boys because of his brave feats. Even teens for the lovable bear for his dangerous exploits.

A Good Heart, but. . . .

Paddington thinks toothbrushes are for cleaning ears and is astonished to see Mr. Brown brushing his teeth with them! Ms, Kidman has a ball playing the villainess and the colors of London at night – blue and rooftop views – remind one of Peter Pan (right)
and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. (below)

Paddington is Everywhere**!

In addition, Paddington appears on a British stamp and starred in his own TV show. The bear has been a Google daily logo plus a balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. His books are stand-alones, 18 of them, each consisting of several exciting stories. Paddington the movie is no exception!

Is a grandmother too old to buy herself a stuffed Paddington and read all his books?

Caveat: DogEvals purchases products for review unless otherwise stated. This DVD was borrowed from the public library.

*Wellies are Wellington boots, rain boots.
**Where is Paddington? This reviewer went to the closest county library and, with the help of a librarian, could find only three Paddington titles – the original and two take-offs from the recent movie (children’s books, not chapter books). Thinking there surely must be more – after all, Bond wrote 18 different Paddington books, each with several stories the reviewer searched the online catalog, finding all 18 Bond Paddington titles: now it will just take some sleuthing to find them in person!

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