Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Book Review: GG's Journey (stray dog, Detroit)

GG’s Journey: From Lost to Loved*, by Cheryl Lyn Phillips (McNaughton & Gunn, 130 pages, 2015, $19.95, Amazon Kindle eBooks at $2.99)

An intriguing title for a “mostly-true” tale describing 31 weeks of a former street dog’s life, from the dog’s point of view and in her own words.

Before GG was GG

The dog, a bulldog-terrier mix, somehow survived on the streets of Detroit, eking out a stark life by finding warm places to sleep at night (when she could) and hunting for scraps of food by day.

Then it Happened!

One day the dog saw a nice lady who, miracle of miracles, was not afraid but stopped to pet her and say sweet things. The nice lady (whom the dog calls “Aunt” Cheryl) returned with food – lots of food, wonderful food. Then the dog’s “Aunt” Cheryl returned with a man in a truck with crates. The dog was put in one of the crates and taken to a shelter  -and thus began the first day of the rest of her life.

The Dog was Saved

GG’s Journey relates a week-by-week account of the next chapter in GG's life: how she came to find her forever family and what her new name really means.

What’s a Shelter Really Like – for Dogs?

The dog was first called Maryland because she was found on Maryland Street in Detroit, Michigan. In the shelter, she was a good dog but sometimes barked at other dogs and a few times even frightened people. Maryland was “not dangerous, just scared and lonely” like many other shelter dogs.

How Maryland Becomes GG

Read Maryland’s/GG’s fascinating, spellbinding story and learn about all the good dogs in shelters who try so hard to find a family. Discover how Maryland almost died – once she was off the streets! Why was a Maryland Fan Club created? Read emails to the club from GG’s foster mom and Aunt Cheryl. Learn about fostering** dogs for rescues and shelters. Find out why a dog named Marshmallow is so grumpy and how he ‘saves’ GG. Can you find the GG on every page?

And, guess what? GG even becomes an ambassador dog! Read about GG’s journey to a new life – with a job!­


* 15% of net sales of GG’s Journey are donated to animal rescue. GG’s Journey is available at Amazon. Read more about GG on her Facebook page, GG’s Journey, and check out the newsletters. You can even donate to the Foundation.
**Read How to Foster Dogs, by Pat Miller (check out the review here) and purchase the book at Dogwise.com

Read More About It: She made the newspaper!

Caveat: This book was sent to DogEvals for reviewing; however, all DogEvals’ reviews are objective. 

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