Thursday, January 16, 2014

EverythingdogBlog #116: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday - De-Lightful Dog Logo


A petsitter in Ohio has left little notes and pen-and-ink drawings for her clients over the past seven years – sometimes from the pet’s point of view. While detailing the events of the day, Julie found that pets inspired her to view the world through a different perspective – the pet’s! People LOVE these little tossed-off drawings and save them to show relatives at holiday celebrations, or use them as a chronicle of their dog's life.
Julie’s husband encouraged her to turn them into cards and offer them for sale. Most of her drawings are of dogs, but since she also has cat, goat, horse, chicken, rabbit, and guinea pig clients, among other animals, she named her new endeavor AnimalCentric Designs.
The logo comes from one of her drawings.
The complete drawing features the beagle mix, Bridget, showering a KONG with hearts. The font for the logo is the same as for Julie’s parent company, A Positive Connection, and was suggested by a graphic designer, as were the colors.
Bridget (with red hearts) is also a Thank-you note.
In addition to black and white cards, Julie also has a 2014 Calendar (theme: “These are the times that try dogs' souls”), and color cards of all the calendar pictures, a line of Christmas cards (such as Happy Hollydogs),
an I'm Sorry card, a Get Well card, and a Sympathy card for dogs. She also creates individualized, custom cards and has designed cards for a lawyer, pig farmer, mortgage broker, and carpet cleaner.
Currently, Julie is working with her graphic designer to develop fabric, wrapping paper, and other dog-centered items. 
Check out her website at and stay tuned for news of her forthcoming book, A Pet Sitter’s Guide to Dog Training. (Or is it A Dog Trainer’s Guide to Pet Sitting?) [Actually, neither! It is a webinar series of online training to help petsitters increase their knowledge of dog behavior, body language, and low-stress handling, among other topics. All this will give petsitters an edge in the market as well as enhance their skills and thereby the lives of their clients!] 
PS – I love the flat-coated retriever on her homepage, too! 

A Positive Connection is also on Facebook.
(Logo courtesy of A Positive Connection)
(This article first appeared on on 15 January 2014.)

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