Monday, January 6, 2014

The Best Darn Dog Stuff of 2012

EverythingDogBlog #113

Last year, EverythingDogBlogcombined the “Best Product Blog” with the “Best Books Blog” but this year there are so many great new dog ‘things’ that they deserve their own blog, so, . . . .
For People
For the best dog stuff for people – Sloggers! Rain/garden boots with paw prints, Slogger boots are thick enough to wear in the snow with wool socks, so I do. They come in green or blue and are easy to remove.
I purchased my green pair (but also want the blue ones) in December at Sun Nurseries in Woodbine, Maryland. The garden-rain-snow boots also come in flowery tulip prints – I want the tulip pink, tulip green, and tulip blue ones, too! Hmmmm, maybe I should move back to Seattle where it rains more often. 
Sloggers also makes a ‘clog’ that I love, called the unisex garden sandal: I need the green and the red-orange ones.
It’s a good thing they don’t come in more colors. I would be broke!
For Dogs
Last year’s Product of the Year was the soft, absorbent microfiber Soggy Doggy line of doormat, slopmat (dog placemat) and towel (three items). Their motto is ‘Soggy Paws Stop Here.’ This year, Soggy Doggy came out with a luxurious dog bed that is so soft and comfy, it just had to be the Product of the Year. 
EverythingDogBlog also blogged about Soggy Doggy in The Twelve Dog Days of Christmas, Day Six, and featured the Soggy Doggy logo in an earlier blog, De-Lightful Dog Logos, on August 21.
Dog Toys
And, finally, the Dog Toy of 2102 is KONG’s Bounzer 
which EverythingDogBlog also wrote about – twice – on the Ninth Dog Day of Christmas (with the SafeStix – see below) and in Scooter: Crazy or in Love? The Bounzer is huge and squeezable yet durable, for throwing, chasing, fectching and tugging.
Second place goes to the KONG SafeStix, available in pink, blue or green - 
a long see-through flexible rubber ‘stick’ with ball-type-ends that is great for fetch or tug games and comes in three different sizes. It even floats.

(Photo credits: See the product webpage links. Bounzer photo courtesy of LazyRiver Photos.)
(This article first appeared on on 4 Jan 2013.)

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