Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review: Tuesday Tucks Me In (service dog, golden retriever)

And now, kids have their own Tuesday book.

EverythingDogBlog #174: Dog Book Review for the Younger Set

Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog, by Luis Montalvan with Bret Witter (Roaring Book Press, 2014, 39 pp, $16.99, for Kindergarten through Grade 4).
How I Wish. . . .
Tuesday Tucks Me In – how the reader will wish he had a Tuesday, too!
A typical day in the life of a service dog who is more than just a service dog – Tuesday is also Luis Montalvan’s best friend (just as “dog is man’s best friend”).
Told in Tuesday’s own words, Tuesday wakes Luis up, brings him his socks, accompanies him on the subway and to the doctor and yes, even to the dog park. Tuesday also tucks Luis in at night and even sleeps with him to ward off bad dreams of the war he fought in.
Tuesday, A Two-Way Street
Not a sequel to Until Tuesday*, but a children’s book with two goals, both well-met: first, a book about a typical day in the life of a service dog and, secondly, the story of two best friends.
Your child will definitely want a golden retriever after reading this wonderful picture book of the two best friends and helpers, Tuesday and Luis, living in New York City.
Poster Photography
From the first photo of Tuesday’s face, up close and personal, which is the first thing Luis sees in the morning, to the full-page and even two-page spreads, to my favorite – of Tuesday on his hind legs with a toy in his retriever-mouth and his ears flapping joyously – the fantastic photography gives us a true picture of the life of Tuesday and Luis, even to their hugs and nodding off to sleep together, as well as Tuesday getting his coat  brushed and even his teeth!
This is a life that every child can identify with and will not soon forget. I venture to say your child will point out every golden retriever he sees for a long time to come! And want one for himself.
Service Dogs
If you visit you will also find a short quiz about service dogs, Service Dog Do’s and Don’ts [sic], which should even have been in the back of the book. It’s kid-easy while still being educational – just like the book.
Everyday Friends
I highly recommend Tuesday Tucks for children who like dogs, for those who have a service dog or may get one, or even for kids who see a service dog around town. A fun and warm story of everyday life for man’s best friend.
*Tomorrow, read about Until Tuesday, the original book, for older kids and adults. 
(This article first appeared on and the other Maryland online newspapers [Patches] on 18 June 2014.)

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