Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Broken Bones - Affordable Jewelry for You and Your Heart Dog

EverythingDogBlog #177: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday, De-Lightful Dog Logos
Broken Bones - the Logo

Broken Bones - the Inspiration

She asked for Broken Bones. . . .


Kelly, owner of Broken Bones (a new line of jewelry for dogs and their people) recently told EverythingDogBlog about their innovative logo: “For our Broken Bones logo, we wanted something fun, even whimsical, and, at the same time, a logo that mirrors our product to the public. The cartoon dogs represent the Broken Bones dogs, Charley Girl and Honey Boy Red, who just happen to be part of our family.  
“The two main colors in the logo, green and brown, align with the colors on our website and, coincidently, the brown is similar to the color of Honey Boy Red’s and Charley Girl’s fur.” 
An Emotional Bond that Continues Even When Separated from Your Dog. . . .
Kelly said, “We came up with the idea of Broken Bones while mourning the loss of our beloved Tallulah. The idea was unique - like her - and inspired us to move forward with creating and producing our Broken Bones charms. We wanted others who have a close emotional tie with their dog to be able to express it by wearing a set of Broken Bones along with their favorite pupster.” 
“Mizpaw” (Mizpah)*
‘Broken Bones’ is the best-friend ‘mizpaw’ for dogs and their people. Your dog wears one half of the ‘Broken Bones’ (either half) on his collar and you wear the other half on a necklace or attached to your key chain, purse or backpack.
When you hold the two halves together, they make a whole bone and the broken heart in the middle is mended, with a paw print on one side of the heart and a handprint on the other. 
“The charms are made of durable lead-free zinc,” continued Broken Bones. “We offer a silver- or black-tone ball chain necklace and a hand-made black leather necklace. We also have two different clasps that you can use to attach the Broken Bones to a collar, necklace, bracelet, or key chain. You can find Broken Bones and accessories on Also check out the Pup Page featuring happy dogs wearing their Broken Bones."
Located in Tucson, Arizona, the Broken Bones line of jewelry is proudly made in the USA. Find them on Facebook
Remember:  Nothing says, “I Love You!” like a couple of Broken Bones!
(Logo and photo courtesy of Broken Bones)
*mispaw/mispah: see Wikipedia here for more about mispah, the emotional bond. “The mizpah has come to connote an emotional bond between people who are separated (either physically or by death). Mizpah jewelry is often made in the form of a coin-shaped pendant cut in two with a zig-zag line . . . and worn to signify the bond. Additionally, the word ‘mizpah’ can often be found on headstones in cemeteries and on other memorials.”
(This first appeared on and the other Patch online newspapers in Maryland on 25 June 2014.)

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