Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Local Event: Canine Massage

EverythingDogBlog #178: Canine Massage Again!

(credit: www.DogisGood.com)
The Canine Massage Seminar was so Cool in the Merry Month of May, We are Going to Repeat it in Hot July!
You asked for it, you got it!
In May, the Columbia TimeBanking organization (under the auspices of the Columbia Association in Maryland – basically the city government) sponsored a canine massage seminar and workshop.
Some folks were able to attend both sessions while others could only make it to one.
Here is your chance to learn what you missed or to attend both the seminar and workshop – we will be repeating both in July! July 14th for the seminar and July 21st for the workshop. Both these dates are Mondays. Both will be evening sessions.
Canine Massage Seminar
The seminar consists of a PowerPoint presentation about the benefits of canine massage on healthy dogs (to enhance the bond between you and pupster, for one) and information on different massage strokes with time to practice them on each other or on the largest stuffed animal you can find to bring! (no live dogs, please, since we are indoors).
Canine Massage Workshop
The workshop, the following week, is held outside. Feel free to bring your dog-friendly and people-friendly pooch to practice on (though, no doubt, you have been practicing some strokes during the week). I will review strokes and talk you through a massage routine.
And More!
At both sessions, we have brochures about dogs, as well as door prizes.
For more information and to register, call 410-884-6121.
See you there!
(This article first appeared on ColumbiaPatch.com and the other Maryland online newspapers of Patch on 1 July 2014.)

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