Monday, July 7, 2014

A Dog for A Day: It Takes a Village to Rescue a Pup

EverythingDogBlog #180: Day One of Five Blogs about Rescuing Dogs
Pierre! (credit Poodle Rescue of Vermont)

The E-Mail Cometh
The e-mail at first looked just like all the other numerous emails I receive from dog rescue groups sent to a whole hoard of people, asking for assistance in transporting a dog somewhere. Yes, I opened it and, like always, gave it a quick glance.
You Have Been Selected. . . .  
And, lo and behold, it was not sent out “en mass” to a bunch of us dog people but just sent to lil’ ol’ me and only to me. Hmmmmmm. Quite a personal touch. This had never happened before. They must really need ME.
How could this be? And who/what is the Poodle Rescue of Vermont? I am not a poodle person and don’t live in Vermont (although I’d like to – live in Vermont, that is. I’m a lab and golden person.).
It turns out the dog in need had medical issues (was recently post-operative which is why they contacted me) and was being sponsored by a poodle rescue in Vermont. We live in Maryland but fairly close to BWI (Baltimore Washington International Airport) where the pupster would be flying in to, awaiting another flight* (thanks to Pilots ‘n Paws) to New England and thence to a foster family and finally his forever home. The pup needed an overnight stay before meeting his next flight. Ah, that is something I might be able to do. Especially for a little dog. Why not start my transport career small?
More Information, Please
So, I pondered awhile – actually not long - maybe five minutes - before I replied saying that I could probably help out but need more info.
That was the beginning of my having A Dog for A Day. . . . albeit a poodle, but a dog nonetheless!
*Pilots and Paws is a volunteer organization of pilots and other volunteers who donate their flight time to transport animals in need. 
(Photo courtesy Poodle Rescue of Vermont) (This first appeared on and the other online Patch newspapers in Maryland on 7 July.)

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