Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Logo that is Over The Moon Cute! (for [Nearly] Wordless Wednesday - De-Lightful Dog Logos)

EverythingDogBlog #179: A Logo that is Over the Moon Cute!
Over The Moon Cat and Dog Training in Oklahoma

Love the Logo!

Why Blue?
Laurie Korte chose blue for her Over The Moon dog training logo because she loves the peaceful messages that the color blue sends out. She believes in building better relationships between pets and their humans.
Why a Paw?
Her logo is a paw on top of a moon. EverythingDogBlog saw it as a cat paw (no claws – but Korte did not intend it to be a cat paw) which also identifies Over the Moon as one of the few cat training (as well as dog training) companies.
Why the Moon?
Over the Moon Dog Training Services is named after Laurie’s dog, Moon-pie, an Australian cattle dog mix. See Moon-pie on the website here.
Philosophy: Personal Attention, Maximum Results
Located in Broken Arrow, OK (near Tulsa), Korte of Over the Moon wants to help people understand and live more peaceably with their cats as well as their dogs. She uses only 100% humane training methods, backed by science.
Over the Moon Training provides respectful, individualized training to its clients, using methods that promote mutual understanding for both clients and their companion animals.
Check it all out at, especially the specialty – Moon Home School!
(This first appeared on and the other Maryland online Patch newspapers on 2 July 2014.)

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