Friday, July 11, 2014

His future's so bright, he may need to wear sunglasses!

EverythingDogBlog #184: Day Five of Five Blogs about Rescuing Dogs
Pierre, too tired to complain about having to wear pink!
One Happy Poodle Pooch, thanks to Pilots 'n Paws and Poodle Rescue of Vermont
Thanks to Pilots ‘n Paws for helping transport Pierre the Poodle from South Korea to New England, and the Poodle Rescue of Vermont for fostering him, Pierre is available for adoption. Meet him here.
He is the world's happiest toy poodle and gets along well with the two other canines in his foster family. About a year old, Pierre has already experienced so much in his life: he was left in a high-kill Korean shelter with a terrible injury to his front leg. There was no other choice but to amputate his leg, as the injury was old and the bone exposed. He had been on the streets for perhaps a month.
Pierre and Pal

Although he only has three legs it does not slow him down one bit: he hops around like a little white bunny rabbit. Pierre is an adorably happy and energetic boy-dog who loves everyone he meets! He will be evaluated by physical therapists and given exercises to increase his core strength. He is a possible candidate for a prosthetic device as well.
Too pooped to walk. Gotta be carried!
(Photos courtesy Poodle Rescue of Vermont) (This first appeared in the Maryland Patch online newspapers on 11 July 2014.)

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