Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pilots and Paws, Saving the Lives of Innocent Animals

EverythingDogBlog #186: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Pilots 'n Paws, A Promising Partnership

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs And We’re Flying Dogs and Cats
The other week, I wrote all week (five times) about my (mis)adventures ‘rescuing’ a four-pound three-legged poodle named Pierre on his way to the Poodle Rescue of Vermont, thanks to a wonderful organization called Pilots and Paws (PnP).
Since this is (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday, and since I had promised to feature the Pilots and Paws logo, here we go!
The Need
What could be better than the marriage of pilots who love to fly and dogs who need transportation to new homes – and the countless people who bring them together.
The Logo
Designed by a pilot, the PnP logo says it all, with a small plane superimposed on a paw print. Shop here for logo products and the new book, Radar’s Dream, for children.
To read a review of the inspiring book for adults (with plenty of dog and plane photos), Dog is My Co-Pilotclick here.
Pilots and Paws - PilotsnPaws - Pilots 'n Paws
An idea conceived almost by accident in 2007, Pilots ‘N Paws has grown exponentially to transport dogs and other needy animals mostly from the South and Southeast, places of high density homeless pupsters, to the MidWest and Northeast, where dogs are dearly wanted.
Pilots ‘N Paws is a 501(c)(3) organization so the pilots are true volunteers of their time, fuel, and planes. Thousands of pilots have registered to save dog-lives, flying short hops of a hundred miles to longer flights of more than two thousand miles with some requiring up to 10 legs, including automobile shuttles.
Each pilot in the air and the myriads of dog people working on the ground are truly “angels in the sky” for these very lucky and very deserving dogs.
Sponsored by Subaru* (“Love. It’s what makes a Subaru.”) and Petmate (for kennels, collars, leashes, and seatbelts), Pilots n Paws is a ‘paw-worthy’ organization!
(logo courtesy of Pilots and Paws)
*For a cute Subaru story, read this EverythingDogBlog    

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