Wednesday, January 28, 2015

EverythingDogBlog #187: "Lost and Found," The Budweiser SuperBowl Puppy Commercial

Best SuperBowl Commercial 2015 is Unleashed!
Budweiser does it again just in time for the SuperBowl - paired an adorable puppy with Clydesdale horses and a really nice guy, along with a tearjerker of a story line.
Well, all’s well that ends well and that goes for how this Bud commercial beat out the GoDaddy commercial (posted here yesterday).
See the Bud commercial here! (I even have friends who don’t drink but are going to buy some Bud because of this!)
Watch both commercials and compare. You won’t be seeing the GoDaddy commercial on Sunday but chances are you will cheer when the Bud one comes on!

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