Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: I, Trixie, Who is Dog (dog, children's book)

I, Trixie, Who is Dog, Dean Koontz (Putnam/Penguin, 32 pages, 2009, $16.99, ages 5 and up)

 I, Trixie, Who is Dog is another must-have book in the Trixie ‘series’ (some were even written by Trixie the Golden Retriever herself).

Although it is hard to make absolutely every single page in a children’s book specially fun and funny and unique and thought-provoking, Koontz manages to do a good job on many pages – enough to make the book memorable.

With the unique sentence structure (or unstructure) that is unique to Trixie and which drives this reviewer crazy at times, Trixie is glad she is a dog and sorry that you aren’t but there have to be people to feed and pet and scratch dogs, and there have to be cats to entertain dogs, and there have to be sheep so dogs can herd them, and there have to be coyotes to sell milk shakes in cactus cafes. The lesson here: Whatever you are is the best thing to be!

Your child will soon have this book and its rhymes memorized!

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