Monday, February 9, 2015

101 Dalmatians, the Movie you can Bring Home!

101 Dalmatians by Walt Disney Studios (Diamond Edition [DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital HD], 2015 [originally 1961], $36.99, 79 minutes, Rated G)

Available Tuesday – 101 Dalmatians for your kids and you!

Take Home a Pup This Week – on DVD

Who doesn’t remember 101 Dalmatians? Cruella de Vil is a staple villain in children’s vocabularies as they call their least favorite babysitter “Cruella,” the woman they love to hate (inspired by Tallulah Bankhead and perhaps also Joan Rivers).

Puppy Lovers Watch it Again (and again and again)

It’s time to see 101 Dalmatians again, this time with the kids and grands. For them, it’s an exciting story to identify with Lucky and Spot and Rolly and Rover and Pepper and Freckles and Spotty and Patch and Penny and of course, Perdita and Pongo.

Simply Stupendous Scenery

For you, the mamas and the papas - fabulous artwork of foggy-gray /black stark park scenes and beautiful dark blue watercolor rooftops of turn-of-the-century London replete with gingerbread houses at dusk in greens and blues.  Leafless black and gray trees silhouetted against the moonlight with fog creeping in – Big Ben and the Thames River neighborhoods.

Puppies and Spots and Puppies and Spots and. . . .

Dodie Smith’s 1956 book soon became a classic: What’s more fun than puppies and spots? More puppies and spots! And 101 Dalmatians has even more puppies and even more spots.

Think You’re Seeing Spots?

You are!

How Many Spots?

Would you believe 6,429,952 spots? Almost too many to count!  Pongo has 72 spots, Perdita has 68 and each of the 99 puppies has 32 unique spots. Whew!

Fantasy. Comedy. Sentiment. Adventure. Suspense. Snow. And, Spots!

Entrancing enough for adults and exciting enough for kids, 101 Dalmatians is sure to make a comeback with this release. And this Diamond Edition has the DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital HD so you can take it with you everywhere!

Fun Facts
-For every second of this animated film, 24 drawings are required; each, identical except for a smidgeon of a difference. Thank goodness we have computers today.
-101 Dals took 3 years of work by 150 artists to complete using 1, 218, 750 pencils.

Bonus: Learn to draw Cruella here later this week in a future blog. Test your knowledge of Disney villains here, starting tomorrow.

Note: Release date - available in stores and for digital download on February 10 (Tuesday) as Blu-Ray and digital for the very first time. Also available on February 15 on Amazon.

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Caveat: This DVD was sent to me for review.

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