Thursday, February 12, 2015

101 Dalmatians: How much do you know about the 101 Dalmatians? (Part 2)

And the answers are. . . .!

Here are the answers to yesterday's 101 Dalmatians quiz. How did you do?

Answers to yesterday's quiz

1.     Dogs who bark messages at sunset or in the evening or night from one to another from town to town or from city to country farms

2.     They join with other pups (84) from pet stores (at the old deVil mansion) who were bought and paid for

3.     Patch, Pepper, Rolly, Lucky, Spot, Rover, Freckles, Spotty, Lucky, Penny

4.     Pongo

5.     Yes, at the beginning of the Twilight Bark, in the city.

6.     “Mom, I'm hungry!”

7.     Red

8.     To look like Labradors so Cruella wouldn’t notice them

9.     Fur coats

10. Roger

11. Anita

12. Fur coats

13. He writes songs.

14. They watch TV. This is the first Disney animated movie to show TV.

15. Probably not. Probably yes.

16. Cruella de Vil. Her last name, deVil or DeVil, can be spelled Devil. Does that help?

101 Dalmatians by Walt Disney Studios (Diamond Edition [DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital HD], 2015 [originally 1961], $36.99, 79 minutes, Rated G)

Tomorrow: Learn to draw Cruella de Vil here!

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