Monday, July 4, 2016

Book, DVD Review: The Katz List of Dog Books

As promised yesterday, here is the list of the Jon Katz books for you to start on!

·       Running to the Mountain: A journey of faith and change (2000)
·       A Dog Year: Twelve months, four dogs and me (2003)
·       The New Work of Dogs: Tending to life, love and family (2003)
·       The Dogs of Bedlam Farm: An adventure with sixteen sheep, three dogs, two donkeys and me (2004)
·       Dog Days: Dispatches from Bedlam Farm (2005)
·       Katz on Dogs: A commonsense guide to training and living with dogs (2005)
·       A Good Dog: The story of Orson who changed my life (2006)
·       Izzy and Lenore: Two dogs, an unexpected journey, and me (2008)
·       Soul of a Dog: Reflections on the spirits of the animals at Bedlam Farm (2009)
·       Rose in a Storm: A novel (2010)
·       Listening to Dogs: How to Be Your Own Training Guru (2012)
·       Dancing Dogs: Stories (2012)
·       The Story of Rose: A Man and His Dog (2012)
·       The Second-Chance Dog: A Love Story (2013)

Children's Books
·       Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm (2011)
·       Lenore Finds a Friend (2013)

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