Friday, July 15, 2016

Dogs 4, Cats 0

Dogs 4, Cats 0; Dogs 6, Cats 0

Have you noticed a plethora of dogs in the media, especially golden retrievers in magazine ads, especially for real estate? I guess a family without a golden retriever just doesn’t deserve a house. . . .

Have you ever wondered where all the cats are?

I can’t answer that but I did pick up a June 2016 issue of Outside magazine* – you know, the one with the dog on the cover. I thumbed through the pages and found a dog (probably a yellow lab) selling vodka, a dog on the table of contents page (Cedric the dog), and a white dog (a Sammy?) in an RV ad.

I thought there would be more, since dogs are so much a part of the outside life, but, hey, 4-0 is not bad!

But, Was it a Fluke?

So, I decided to test the stats by thumbing through the current July issue. Ditto. Bingo!

No cover dog this month, but the same yellow lab selling vodka, a pointer-type going RVing, an Aussie selling dog food (Blue Buffalo), Frieda and her van, a writer with two pale yellow probably labs, and even an article about new fitness tracking gadgets modeled by Danny the Border Collie on page 26.

So, for July, we have Dogs 6 or 7, Cats 0.

Hmmmmmm, do you spot a trend here?

To Be Fair

I also came across a 12 July Outside blog you cat-lovers might be interested in: The Art of Creating an Adventure Cat.

Touche! All is fair. . . .

I Know, I Should Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. . . .

But, I couldn’t resist. I turned page after page of Outside’s Summer 2016 Buyer’s Guide to find amidst the best tents, best swimsuits, best bikes, best everything in Travel – Gear of the Year - I spied a tall German Shepherd Dog selling Merrick’s BackCountry PLUS two pages of the best dog gear of the year! A dog jogging on a trail and two dogs dock diving into a lake. Awwwwwww, it was worth it.

But, No Cats. Sorry, Feline Friends.


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