Friday, February 24, 2017

Meet Charlie!

Previously, DogEvals posted about Charlie's first book so we thought we should introduce you to Charlie! Meet Charlie, the ranch dog.

Charlie the dog will live forever in the hearts of children, big and little, everywhere.

Charlie the ranch dog. . .
lives on an expansive Oklahoma ranch with his four human kids and their mom and dad (the “Pioneer Woman” and the “Marlboro Man”), lots of other pets and farm animals, and he wants to tell you about his (so hard) life, supervising everyone and everything.

He is the cutest little smiling basset hound who gets tuckered out easily and falls asleep but manages to ‘roar’ in every book.

And every book includes his favorite food – a recipe for kids to make.

For the next five days, DogEvals will review the Charlie books in order.

You will meet the Christmas Kitty and the new baby,
visit Charlie’s school(s),
and discover Charlie’s favorite ball.

But, most of all, you will come to love Charlie and see just how exhausting life on a ranch can be.

Thank goodness for naps, eh, Charlie?

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