Saturday, February 4, 2017

Book Review: Underwater Dogs (dogs underwater)

Tired of winter? Thinking of swimming?

Underwater Dogs, by Seth Casteel* (Hachette, 2012, 132 pages, $19.99)

New York Times Bestseller

There are more breeds of dogs in the world than any other species and when they go swimming, some are unrecognizable (but not the Jack Russell Terriers!).

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looks scary underwater; Clifford the Labradoodle has sleek fur for the first time; most dogs have wide-open mouths and big bug-eyes. Stanley, the Chessie, resembles a prehistoric monster to all but his loving family.

Isn’t this just the book you wished you had thought of ‘writing’? And 8-year-old boys will get a kick and a giggle out of how the dogs look so funny wet and even funnier underwater.

Who is the Fiercest?

Some dogs are all paws; others, all mouths, open wide in anticipation of the tennis ball soon to be engulfed. A couple are mostly tongues, lolling out. Only one canine has his mouth closed and only one has closed eyes in a black-and-white shot of a chocolate Lab. An English Pointer is classically calm.

Distortions but Mostly Pearly Whites (Teeth)

Jolie the French Bulldog has a wrinkled tongue, Bardot the Yellow Lab looks like he is laughing. Leathery noses and open mouths that resemble a shark’s. Teeth so white you can count them. Black and white dogs with black noses and white teeth. And bubbles everywhere, mostly interfering with identifying the dogs as they jump in.

Dachshunds look almost like Dachshunds. Rowdy the Golden is also golden-like and nearly cuddly.

From 12 Weeks to 13 Years, From Chi’s to Newfies – And Every Dog In Between

“Author” Photographer Seth Casteel has captured dogs half in and half out of the water or heads just entering, chasing tennis balls that are yellow-green or orange or red or red and yellow-green or blue and yellow, with claws spread (the better to swim with, my dear).

Two hundred fifty dogs participated in the research, some had never swum before but all had a blast to bring you the best of the rest.

Turning page after page, I thought this would make a great calendar and lo and behold here it is for 2017, along with Underwater Puppies and Pounce! You can even order a print of one of the underwater dogs, or a T-shirt or mug or puzzle. Yup – wish I had thought of that!

*Underwater Puppies, Underwater Babies, Puppy Pool Party, Underwater Dogs (Kids’ edition) with poster, Underwater Doggies COLORS and Underwater Doggies 1, 2, 3 plus puzzles, T-shirts, mugs and more

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