Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tired of Winter?

Spend a day with pets and dog treats and dog beds and dock diving dogs and agility dogs!
Black Lab Fabrication

Cabin-crazy? Tired of winter, tired of rain (snow), tired of politics? Think you are imploding? Need a weekend of county fair fun watching dogs dive off docks inside? (Here is how to start dog dock diving.)

Sunday is the final day of the World of Pets. We spent all day there today. Let me tell you about it.

I suggest you get there shortly after it opens or you may have a long walk, even though parking is free.

Grab a program at the door and familiarize yourself with the layout. As you enter you will see bleaches and the huge indoor swimming pool for dock diving dogs. This area is also where you will see the comic dog show.

To the right are the exhibitors – dog stuff, cat stuff, rabbits, snakes, etc., plus everything to buy and a lot to eat.

To the left are the two agility rings (huge). Agility is a dog sport like an obstacle course and you can cheer on your favorite pupster from the bleachers all day long.

To Eat

I had an early lunch to avoid the crowds (it’s also a good idea to hit the restrooms) – a Dr. Pepper and a Cesar wrap with Old Bay chips. My little girl had a hot dog and looked like a lovely blue butterfly – they have make-up artists to make the little ones lovely.

Later we had lemonades and I took home two salads in a jar!

We almost bought yard-long licorice. Oh, and at the strudel place we had cinnamon sugar long ‘things.’

To Cheer (and yell!)

We walked to the bleachers at the agility trials and saw two rings at once from the bleachers! Little dogs and big dogs and the MC is very helpful. Although agility is an AKC dog sport, even All-American breed mixes can take part and the dogs love to run fast and go through tunnels and over overhead walks and over hurdles and more.

Dog Stuff
Waly Wag Bag

We watched dogs being fitted for front-attach harnesses in neon pink at "Walk Your Dog with Love."
We saw oodles of T-shirts and a new dog utility bag to hold treats and keys and cell phones and poop bags on walks – by Waly Wag. We saw two artists at work – Pet Palettes and Diane Bauer – even a photographer. Black Lab Fabrication (on Facebook) was my new favorite and, returning again was another favorite – Dog is Good, with some items on sale! Himalayan Dog Chews have really grown fast!

We met a portable grooming company – they come to you! There were veterinarians and plenty of dog beds to try and buy – and bones and treats and antlers. I bought two moose scarves at Acadia Antlers! They are always coming out with new items.


Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue, and a Westie Rescue, and BARCS - a local animal shelter in Baltimore, - and greyhounds and a cat rescue and Pinups for Pitbulls! “Take my leash, not my life.”

You could easily spend all day or more, and remember Sunday is the last day this year in Maryland – or you can drive down to Virginia next month. Say, I just might do that! See you there!

What: World of Pets, a pet expo. Think of it as an indoor winter state fair, complete with fabulous food, laughs and a petting zoo
When: Friday 2-8, Saturday 10-7, Sunday 10-5
Where: Maryland State Fairgrounds, just off 83, in the huge Cow Palace. North of Baltimore.
Cost: Free parking, admission is just $10 for adults, $5 for ages 5-12 and free for the younger ones. You can even take the light rail.

Caveat: The writer was not asked to write this and receives no compensation for doing so.

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