Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump and Barron, Another Book for You

 Dear Mr. Trump,

Marc Fisher of the Washington Post quotes you on 17 July 2016 as having “said in a series of interviews that . . . [I do] not need to read. . . . “

We here at DogEvals vehemently disagree with this. If you don’t read, you don’t know what you are missing – suspense, comedy, tragedy, knowledge, mystery. You get all this in Tug of Love, a book I know you will want to share with your son Barron. Perhaps he can read it to you!

Tug of Love (Puppy Patrol: Who is Jason’s Real Owner?), by Jenny Dale (Scholastic, 108 pages, 1997, $3.99, ages 9 and up), number 6 in a series of 25 (one book in the series is another Teacher’s Pet, yesterday’s title).

Mr. Trump, you and Barron will love this series, even if it is set in England at King Street Kennels and Rescue, owned by the Parker family (with their son, Neil, his two sisters, Emily and Sarah, and their pet Border Collie).

The town of Padsham is putting on its first annual dog show and one dog loses, much to the disappointment of his owner. A dog runs away at the end of the show. A dog turns up at the King Street Kennels the next day. A yellow Lab. A family comes to claim him; Muttley, a prognosticating canine, is secretly boarded at the Kennels; and a man comes to claim the yellow lab who has already been claimed. Meanwhile, the family mentioned above has moved and left no forwarding address and some kids have to break into school. Into school!

How will it all turn out? Who does the Labrador really belong to?

Ah, suspense in a book. And tragedy? And knowledge and a mystery.

Have we convinced you, Mr. Trump?

Yours Truly,
Your pals at DogEvals.

Tomorrow: Charlie’s Choice

Caveat: You can probably find this book at your local public library. Or try a used-books store.

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