Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dear Mr. Trump, About those Boxcar Children, . . .

Dear Mr. Trump,

Here is another Boxcar Children book with a really good plot that kept even me guessing! This is the last letter in this series but DogEvals hopes to keep up the correspondence with you and we look forward to reading how you like these books and which other books you recommend.

The Boxcar Children: The Dog-Gone Mystery (#119), by Gertrude Chandler Warner (Scholastic Books, 2009, 120 pages, grades 2-4, $4.99) An animated movie (to be followed by more, and 145 titles in the series! That will keep you busy.)

The boxcar children have a dog, Watch, so they decide to take him to school - dog training classes but everyone else in this book is a real character (Mr. Trump, you may even find someone like you in this book!) and a plausible suspect of kidnapping the dogs in class - the dog groomer, the trainer, the student and his dog in class who don’t seem to need any training, the lady with two little dogs that she can’t control, the baker, and . . . . but not the butcher or the candlestick maker.

Mr. Trump, maybe you can have a little chat with the author and ask her to get UTD (up to date) on her dog training methods. We no longer use ‘commands’ and we don’t push a dog down (even gently) when we want him to lay down. Instead, we have a better, more modern relationship with our dogs today and we use treats (only in the first phase of training) and clickers! It’s more fun and less stressful!

Back to the boxcar children – have you ever seen a dog with blue eyes?

And about the plot – DogEvals will leave that to you to discover. Let us know how you and your youngest son and all your eight grands like this one!

These books that DogEvals has reviewed and suggested for your reading pleasure are like The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

Remember, Good Books Survive the Times. . . .

Hope you are now an avid reader!
Til next time,
The DogEvals gang

Caveat: You can probably find this book at your local public library. Or try a used-books store.

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