Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BlogPaws Part Deux

EverythingDogBlog #44
My last post was the Before. Here is the After (not the hereafter, just the 'after.')
EverythingDogBlog: BlogPaws Part Deux
By Skye Anderson, MS
Last time (BlogPaws Part One, though not named as such) I posted about blogs in general. Since then I attended a blogger’s conference, BlogPaws – for pet bloggers. There are about 2000 of us nationwide and more than 500 attended the 3-day conference recently in Virginia.
BlogPaws was the most unique conference I have ever attended! Would you believe caviar and cherries jubilee? All meals were included which made networking a breeze, but the 1 am bedtimes made it hard to get started in the morning!
You probably know that I am a big dog person – big on dogs and especially big on big dogs. So, imagine my surprise to see a slew of little lap dogs, most of them dressed up, and many of them in strollers (though I saw one human child in a stroller, I think).
I did see three yellow labs, a white standard poodle (with a colored tail), and I met a lovely Vizsla named Tavish (I saw a photo of Tavish reading a blog online, probably his own blog,, a unique site well worth visiting - often).
There were also ferrets, cats (most of whom were dressed up, also), bunnies and one woman even carried a ‘bird cage’ with baby chicks wherever she went! You could always hear her coming (cheep, cheep, cheep!).
On the serious side were presentations on copyright, the FTC, legalities of different types of companies, making a living blogging, branding, rescue organizations, advocating for pets, nutrition – almost the whole gamut.
However, no presentations on grammar or journalism or creative writing and I still don’t know what a blog is or how long it should be. Oh, woe is me! I guess ‘anything goes’!
Nevertheless, next year the BlogPaws conference is in Nevada. Las Vegas, here I come!
(Check out for more information about BlogPaws and Steve Dale’s blog for 48 photos - And here are 57 (at time of writing this blog) pet blogger impressions of BlogPaws -
(This blog first appeared in on 24 May 2013.)

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