Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

EverythingDogBlog #43
EverythingDogBlog: To Blog or Not To Blog. That is the Question
By Skye Anderson, MS
What is a blog anyway?
I tend to think of blogs as newspaper columns like the one Zuma-the-dog is engrossed in, in the photo - but, online.
Blogs usually appear regularly (daily or weekly) and generally cover only one subject with the writer being somewhat of an expert in that topic (unless the blog is about ‘musings’ or something like that and sometimes blogs report on the writer’s personal life, feelings or beliefs rather than facts. Some dog blogs are about the daily activities of the writer’s dog.)
In addition, sometimes links to additional information and references are given and comments are usually requested.
So, what is EverythingDogBlog?
Well, it’s all about dogs, for one thing, and about anything to do with dogs which makes it almost too broad in scope to establish a regular, committed readership.  It’s usually quite long, as well, bordering on researched articles.
EverythingDogBlog is written by a long-time dog trainer, Dog First Aid instructor-trainer, and canine massage instructor, as well as a college biology instructor who is a geneticist. Whew! All that in one person. And that’s not all, but that’s enough for now!
We have decided to try to pare down the subject matter to primarily training issues since that is what I am asked more often than other dog topics. I will occasionally alert you to dog events like I have since November.
And I will also post dog book reviews and product evaluations, always trying to give you more than one company to purchase from and also evaluating more than one brand of a given type of product.
Of course, I may change in mid-stream as I learn more at my pet blogger’s conference where all the bloggers blog about pets. I’ll let you know in my next blog!
And I’ll try to make my blogs interesting enough so Zuma never nods off reading them again!
(This blog first appeared on on 20 May 2013.)
(Photo: DStark)

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