Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two Top Tips from This Trainer

Rice cakes for dogs? "Peanut Butter is Better," especially in Dog's Best Friend, the Kong!
EverythingDogBlog: Two Top Tips from This Trainer
By Skye Anderson, MS

Rice Cakes for Dogs?
Try offering a rice cake (see photo) to your dog. Be sure it is the salt-free kind, available at supermarkets.
Labs and goldens like the large size (about as big as your palm) while small dogs prefer the snack size. 
With only 35 calories per large rice cake, there is little need to worry about added poundage.
Of course, your dog will happily take it when offered but he may have to get used to the taste – he will think (hope) it a bone but it may take time for a taste for rice cakes to develop! He will love it, however, and try to eat it.
Here’s hoping he loves them as much as the dogs I know do. And if he doesn't, the kids can always finish up the package.
Peanut Butter is Better!
Better than what, I don’t know, but I thought it was a good slogan!
Do you  have a canine red-head? I give my golden retriever some peanut butter, especially in the winter – goldens tend to have dry, itchy skin with all our indoor heating. The trouble is, she now expects peanut butter in May!
You can mix dry kibble (a lot) in peanut butter (just enough) and stuff the mixture into a Kong (Dog’s Best Friend – see photo) for a time-consuming gastronomical challenge!
I call peanut butter the gift that keeps on giving – it is a hoot to watch my dog labor to lick the peanut butter off the roof of her mouth!
For other Kong recipes,
(This blog first appeared on on 12 May 2013.)
(Photos: author and the Kong company)

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