Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Review: The Bedtime Book for Dogs (dogs)

The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield (Grand Central Publishing, 2011, $15.95, 28 pages, ages 4 and up) 

You do read to your dog at bedtime, don’t you?

I do and I’m proud of it. Sam loves being read to. This book is in my Top Two of all dog books - for dogs.

At bedtime, I bring The Bedtime Book out, Sam The Dog comes over to me, and I pet him with one hand while the other turns the pages. Sam is a good dog, just like the dog in the book, and he knows it because I tell him so, all the time. Sam loves being told he’s a good dog.

The Big Lesson

Dedicated to “Westminster and all good dogs,” this is the only book I have counted the number of words in – 191 short words, many of which your dog can recognize. So, it’s a short book that covers a lot of material – things good dogs do - but the best, being the Big Lesson which is unintrusive. When the dog comes home after getting out, instead of punishing him, his friend says, “You came home! You’re a good dog!” 

We have much to learn from this – basically to never punish a dog for coming home, no matter how long he has been gone.

The Story

The Bedtime Book is a story within a story - about a good dog, and a treat, of course. The dog has heard the story before, knows how it ends and still loves it (just like your child).

The story is about a dog, a good dog who wants to go to the park, but his friend is busy so the good dog goes by himself. He has various short adventures and then decides that everything is more fun with his friend. So he returns home. . . . because he left his heart at home with his friend.

Why I Love The Bedtime Book for Dogs

The inside covers show many dogs of all makes and models with even a place to put your own good dog’s photo. The good dog illustrated in the book could be any dog, if you use your imagination.

I simply love The Bedtime Book for Dogs! It’s the best feeling to end your day with, along with your best friend.

Watch Bruce Littlefield read part of The Bedtime Book to his own good dog, Westminster, here: http://bedtimebookfordogs.com/?page_id=83

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