Saturday, August 3, 2013

Book Review:: Dark Summer

Dark Summer, by Iris Johansen (St. Martins, 2008, $7.99, 378 pp.)

This book has everything and most of it is in the first 20 pages! More action than in most mystery adventure novels I have read. I simply could not imagine what might possibly happen next - how could Johansen keep up the fast-paced suspense? 

Well, she did it with the anticipation of sex and the sexual banter - this borders on a romance novel. And I thought it was a book about dogs! It is, and more. Much teasing and seemingly double-crossing and a few murders and fights and a lot of violence along the way as well as international intelligence missions but overall a woman's book. Even with the body counts and near misses. . . .

Dark Summer or, as I call it, The Dogs of Summer

Four special dogs with special abilities whose ending may astound you. One black lab, Ned. One golden retriever, Addie. A GSD (Germand Shepherd Dog) and an all-American. A greyhound belonging to the female protagonist. A half-breed hunk and a female veterinarian who meet on a search and rescue mission in a foreign country where Ned, the dog, is shot (but recovers).

I keep searching for excellent books about dogs with dogs I like, dogs on every page. Dark Summer mentioned the four dogs often but I never felt that I knew them. I never felt I was part of this book.

Ms. Johansen is probably the most prolific writer of our day - I couldn't even count the books she has written!  Well over 70. ( Reviews on were mixed but most of them panned the book even those who are or were Johansen fans. 

I was not one of them and still am not. 

I do like the cover photo, though!

(This review first appeared in GRREAT News, January 2010.)

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