Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: What Puppies Do Best (puppies, children, families)

What Puppies Do Best, Laura Numeroff *(Chronicle Books, 32 pages, 2011, $14.99, ages: preschool and up) 

Almost a book without words, What Puppies Do Best is a first big kids’ book to enthrall your young one.

Boys and girls with long hair, short hair, red hair, brown hair, blond hair, black hair, curly hair, pigtails.

Dirty puppies, kissing puppies, hugging puppies, big puppies and little puppies and long puppies, tired puppies, puppies at play, on walks, at sleep, and cuddling.

If your child can’t find a picture of himself or herself and the family puppy, I’ll be doggone!


With the unfortunate inclusion of the girl taking two puppies for a walk on flexi-leads (never recommended for children or even for adults who are not dog trainers) - the illustration shows the two puppies tangled up in their flexi’s around the little girl – a very dangerous situation indeed.

Other than that, a fun book to share with your youngster! But because of the tangled flexi’s, I can only give it four stars, not five.

*What Brothers Do Best and What Sisters Do Best are also by the same author as well as the new and popular If You Give A Dog A Donut

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