Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Review: LIFE with Dogs (photos, dogs, quotes, famous people, small coffee table book)

LIFE with Dogs, by the editors of LIFE Books (Time, Inc., LIFE Books, 2009, $17.95, 96 pages, ages 12 and up)

The Best of LIFE! 


The cover will draw you like a magnet!

Of course, the cover simply has to have an adorable photo of an adorable yellow lab! Labs and Golden Retrievers seem to be today’s America’s Dogs and are seen everywhere – in magazines, on greeting cards, on book covers. They must be selling!

LIFE with Dogs is a small* compilation of the best of LIFE’s dog photos with accompanying quotes from both the famous and the infamous that make this a ‘loverly’ little coffee table book following on the heels of the popular LIFE with Mother and LIFE with Father.

From Mark Twain to Andres Segovia and Churchill to Sheryl Crow. What fun to share the pages, exclaiming, ‘Oh, I didn’t know this famous person had a dog!’ or “So that’s what Errol Flynn’s looked like.”

Dogs laugh but they laugh with their tails (Max Eastman).

From Chihuahuas to Great Danes to Riley the Golden Retriever at 911.

If you are a serious dog person (never without a dog in your life), you may recognize most of the photos and quotes and still find favorites, or, if you are a newbie dog person on your first dog, you will find treasures to read and photos to embed in your mind to bring up again and again.

LIFE can’t be beat!

* by ‘small,’ I mean small in size not in content

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