Sunday, April 13, 2014

Movie Review: Zeus and Roxanne (dog, dolphin, teens, adult, comedy-romance)

Zeus and Roxanne, with Steve Guttenberg and Kathleen Quinlan, HBO DVD (95 minutes, 1997)

Who are Zeus and Roxanne?

One, a dog so ugly it is adorable and the other, a dolphin who doesn’t want to join a pod but finds friendship with a long-legged, skinny, wire-haired tan dog.

Into the Mix

Throw in a music writer, who with his photography-talented son, temporarily moves to paradise (the Bahamas) across the way from a marine biologist professor and her two daughters.

Add a mustachioed ogre in the guise of a sneaky PhD who competes (unfairly, of course) with the lady biologist for a grant (if the biologist doesn’t get the grant, she goes back to Minnesota and becomes an aquarium guide).

Who will Love Zeus and Roxanne?

Women will love the ambiance of the nightlife, the quaint little tropical beach town, the pristine white beaches and turquoise ocean views, and the two roomy bungalows with hammocked porches, both of which are directly on the beach.  How lucky can one get, except in a movie?

Teenage girls will love the fast-talking fashion-setting sisters who are ‘grounded’ for a week and who scheme to get their mom and the musician together romantically.

Boys will drool for the boy’s magic card tricks, photographic skills, his being cheated at cards by the girls, cooking for his dad, and his dog.

With parents who act like kids and kids who teach their parents about life and love; with wetsuits, short shorts and bikini tops; with underwater radar (sonar?) and mini-subs, even budding marine biologists will find plenty to like about Zeus and Roxanne.


I fell for the dog. Finally, a movie that centers on a dog as promised, with the dog in literally every scene, as it should be. You can even see the dog think and scheme.

The wonders of a dog and dolphin befriending each other. Growing up. Cross-species communication – we know it exists between man and dog, but what about dolphin and dog?


Of course, several of the animals behave too anthropomorphically, thus creating discussions with your kids about reality.

Other topics might center on minorities playing only minor roles and why not to go out on a boat alone.


On the whole, this is a lovely family movie with lots of happy excitement-suspense for everyone, including a memorable, unique, remarkable creative dog escape. How the dog hitches a ride is something you will not soon forget.

As you will not soon forget Zeus and Roxanne!

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