Wednesday, April 30, 2014

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: De-Lightful Dog Logo

EverythingDogBlog #155: Featuring Dog Is Good - Apparel and Gifts Inspired by Dog. 

You’ve all seen the Dog is Good (DIG) line of T-shirts and other cute and adorable items.
Chances are you have fallen in love with their simple yet humorous designs like I have and have several classy DIG T’s and bumper stickers and magnets and coffee mugsl
But, have you ever wondered how Dog Is Good came to be?
This is the first of a three-part series of Wednesdays about Dog is Good. Today, EverythingDogBlog relates the story of the logo and the start-up itself. Next week, we tackle “Dogvergnugen” and the final week we introduce you to Dog Is Good’s Bolo Project. So, stick around!
First Edition DIG T!
The Logo Itself
The creation of the iconic logo dog, Bolo (Be On the LookOut), is a story in itself. Suffice it to say, however, that Bolo represents the good we see and feel in our dogs.
But Why Isn’t the Dog’s Halo Straight?
The canted halo represents the mischievous streak to which dogs are prone and also gives DIG license to use some irreverent humor linked to the Dog is Good/God is Good play on words.
The Start of DIG
The company story is somewhat typical of a grass-roots start-up. Dog is Good started less than 10 years ago in a room in the Gila and Jon Kurtz' California house, then a bigger room, then the playroom went away (but the resentment lingers), then a couple more rooms, and so on.
The first DIG warehouse became too small right away and DIG is now in its second location, which is too small again! Dog is Good is growing at a rapid pace and sells in many hundreds of retail locations in the USA and Canada (and internationally), as well on the website and at events across the country through the Exhibitor Program.
DIG also licenses its brand to a number of manufacturers. Through licensing, DIG continues to expand the brand’s product offering into a very diverse mix.
DIG Loves Dogs
DIG contributes to many charitable organizations dedicated to improving animal welfare and improving life with dog. More on this during week three of the series of Wednesday blogs.
Read more about it:
DIG is the brainchild of a dog trainer, Gila Kurtz, and her retired Navy captain husband, Jon, when they left Washington for ‘retirement’ in California. Thanks, Gila and Jon! We are glad you retired!
To view the mission and guiding principles of Dog is Good, click here.
And, check back next week for more of Dog is Good.
(Photos courtesy of Dog is Good,

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