Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Announcing Bolo!

Be On the Look Out for Bolo - And Watch her Grow!

EverythingDogBlog #164: The Raising Bolo Project Logo - A De-Lightful Dog Logo for (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday
The Bolo Logo

“A Dog can Change the Way You See the World” 
One puppy will and Bolo is that Puppy. . . . 
Dog is Good is raising a puppy this year, Bolo, a future Leader Dog for the Blind (“Finding Your Way”).
Because dog-people know, “It takes a village to raise a puppy,” Dog is Good (DIG) is using social media to help raise funds for Leader Dogs during Bolo’s first year, before her official training begins. A portion from each item sold by DIG or one of the Bolo Project sponsors is donated to Leader Dogs. So far, more than $15,000 has been raised or donated through DIG sales, donations and special events. (For information on becoming a sponsor, attending an event, or donating, see the Bolo Project page.)
The Bolo Project is a year-long (September 2013 to September 2014) fundraiser to help the Michigan-based Leader Dogs for the Blind (founded in 1939 and supported by donations and Lions Clubs).
Now, About Bolo!
Bolo's Birth Announcement
Bolo is a lively lovely little yellow Labrador retriever, born August 1, 2013, and weighing in at 9.5 ounces and 7 inches long. The happy little puppy has already met and fallen in love with Victoria Stillwell, as well as loads of other people and kids – she is very well-socialized. Watch her grow in the accompanying photo spreads! (see composite photos below)

Bolo gets Bigger!
To watch You-Tube videos of Bolo (starting with the origin of Dogvergnugen and Puppy Pick-up Day) click here, and follow Bolo on Facebook here.
Bolo Logo
The Bolo Project logo (see logo above) carries through on the Dog is Good color scheme and on the dog – this time with a much-loved (signified by a red heart) puppy, Bolo. Bolo’s head is cocked just the way we humans just melt over and the puppy is sporting a halo of puppy perfection. Bolo is also decked out in her Leader Dog in Training bandana.
For more information about Dog is Good, please see the previous two Wordless Wednesdays: the first, on April 30, was about theDog is Good logo itself (and the company), and last week, May 7, EverythingDogBlog explained All About Dogvergnugen!
Read more about it:
The Bolo Project:
Go, Bolo!
(This first appeared on Maryland Patches [, e.g.] on 14 May 2014.)

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