Thursday, May 8, 2014

How Dogvergnugen Came to Be!

EverythingDogBlog #159: (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday - De-Lightful Dog Logo
EverythingDogBlog recently interviewed Gila Kurtz of Dog is Good (DIG) fame and asked about that word – you know, Dogvergnugen, the word nobody can pronounce – or forget.
Gila told us, “Dogvergnugen is a word we made up to define how great people feel when with their dogs. It all started after one of my trips.
“The Joy You Feel in the Presence of Dog”
“Whenever I return home from a trip out of town or even just a trip to the store," Gila continued, “the greeting I get from our dogs is totally indescribable and one to which all dog owners can relate. During these joyful greetings, a physiological change takes place and we feel a level of love greater than just about anything else.  
“We decided to come up with a word to articulate what I was feeling...what most dog owners feel. And that is how we came up with Dogvergnugen!"
Dogvergnugen’s Mission: Deliver Dogvergnugen
“Our mission is to remind people about this feeling we experience when we return to our dogs and share their joy at the reunion,” says Gila. “It is DIG’s use of humor and poignant sentiments, along with sophisticated designs, that dog lovers immediately identify with.  Everything we create evokes strong emotion in dog lovers, reminding them of the powerful bond and love they share with the dogs in their lives.”
About Dog is Good 
Dog is Good (DIG) is a “Dog Lifestyle” company creating gifts and apparel for dog lovers. Located near Los Angeles, DIG sells wholesale and retail, and licenses the brand to numerous manufacturers in the pet, gift and home product industries. Primarily still an apparel company, Dog is Good is quickly becoming well known in the gift and pet markets as well.
First Edition DIG T!
DIG has also developed a reputation for generously giving back to animal welfare organizations (more about that next week).
Take-Home Lesson (Summary)
DIG’s success lies in the ability to deliver a simple message in a way that resonates with dog lovers. With clever and poignant sentiments, DIG reminds us all how great it feels to be with Dog.
(photos courtesy of Dog is Good,
(This first appeared on on 7 May 2014.)

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