Friday, September 19, 2014

Book Review: The Little Blue Dog (dog adoption, children's book)

The Little Blue Dog, by Karen Roberts (CreateSpace, 2012, 40 pages, $13, ages 5-9)

Lovely Little Story, Lovely Blue Dog!

I am constantly encouraging adults to read children’s books and The Little Blue Dog is no exception. Any award-winning book is worth reading, but especially The Little Blue Dog books: The Little Blue Dog won the prestigious 2013 Indie Excellence Award for Children’s Fiction!

This little blue dog, a designer dog (mutt), is half Chihuahua. (His other half is Italian Greyhound.) How this little blue dog from the pet store, a nice home, and two shelters (with a cross-country plane trip in between) becomes Louie is a story the child in you will savor.

Illustrious Illustrations!

The illustrations in almost-watercolor are simply adorable! (I want more and would love a poster of Louie.) with just the right facial expression in human and dog. An extra is the two-page map of the United States, showing the plane flight of the little blue dog from California to Massachusetts.

Secret Bonus

Many two-page spreads have the story on one side with a full-page illustration on the facing page and, on the page with words is also a very small portion of the large colored drawing. It may take you a while to find the small slice on the opposite page: however, I wager your child will find it before you do!


Little Louie loves his cats and chickens and reminds us to never give up hope. . . .

(Proceeds from the sale of The Little Blue Dog books go towards carefully selected animal rescue groups.)

TOMORROW: The second book in The Little Blue Dog series.

(This review first appeared on Generation Wags, Read All About It.)

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