Sunday, September 21, 2014

Book Review: The Little Blue Dog Goes to School (therapy dogs, service dogs, children's book)

The Little Blue Dog Goes to School, by Karen Roberts (CreateSpace, 2013, 36 pages, $12, ages 5-9)

Teach Compassion. Inspire Kindness. Choose Adoption.

Third in The Little Blue Dog series, The Little Blue Dog Goes to School is the winner of the 2014 Second Place Feathered Quill Book Award in the Animal/Children fiction category. 

Just like the second book, The Little Blue Dog has a Birthday Party, in which Louie does a good deed, in this third book, he also has the opportunity to do good just by being his happy friendly wonderful self.

School for Dogs

Louie makes a new friend when he out walking with his person – a girl in a wheelchair and her service dog. Then Louie has a chance to visit a school for dogs. Some dogs are learning to be service dogs; others, to be therapy dogs: and still others, to be reading buddies for kids learning to read.

Lucky Louie then has the opportunity to go to school himself. Louie loves school and loves his job after graduation. Read the book to find out what kind of a helper dog the little blue dog becomes.

Louie’s Wish

There is so great a need for trained dogs to help people who need someone to open doors or pick things up for them and to visit them in hospitals and nursing homes. And there are so many dogs in shelters waiting for their second chance who would love to go to school to learn how to help people. Louie’s greatest wish is to match up more of these teams. Both ends of the leash benefit.

You, too, can help grant Louie’s wish, first, by reading this book. Hopefully it will send you to your local shelter for some two-way love.

Once Again

Once again, Karen Roberts has married a heart-warming story with delightful illustrations (and a challenge to find the little pictures in the big ones).

(Proceeds from the sale of The Little Blue Dog books go towards carefully selected animal rescue groups.)

(This review first appeared on Generation Wags, Read All About It.)

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