Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Review: The LIttle Blue Dog has a Birthday Party (dogs, shelters, children's book)

The Little Blue Dog has a Birthday Party, by Karen Roberts (CreateSpace, 38 pages, $12, 2012, ages 5-9)

Shelters and Second Chances

In this second book in The Little Blue Dog series, lucky Louie, the little blue dog, never forgets where he came from (shelters) and wants to “pay it forward,” so he is overjoyed to find his new family will welcome a fourth little pup into their happy home.

Family, Friends, Fun and - Canine Cake

Louie, half Chihuahua and half Italian Greyhound, is almost a year old and on Saturday will celebrate his birthday with family, friends and fun. Oh, and canine cake, too! And gifts galore, of course. And chasing and racing, and Frisbee and fetch, and barking and howling, . . . .

But Louie remembers where he came from and wants to help all the lonely, sad, scared yet deserving homeless dogs still in shelters, waiting for their new forever families. What he manages to accomplish with his dog friends and loving family will surprise and delight the readers – and maybe even challenge them to do the same.

Lovely Illustrations

I love the ‘water-colored’ little blue dog who lives in a big blue house. Perhaps there is a stuffie (stuffed animal) of The Little Blue Dog in the future?

In The Little Blue Dog has a Birthday Party, however, unlike the first book, only some of the pages feature a portion of the illustration on the facing page (other pages are strewn with paw prints and bones). The challenge is to find the differences in the little illustrations from the full-pagers – more fun for the reader and the little “read-to.”

And, . . .

Little dogs take over the living room when they nap: every home should have four little dogs, thinks Louie. Or, hopefully even more – from the shelter, of course!

(Proceeds from the sale of The Little Blue Dog books go towards carefully selected animal rescue groups.)

TOMORROW: The third book in The Little Blue Dog series.

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