Thursday, August 27, 2015

EverythingDogBlog: Beware the Jogger, part three

And, as for me, . . .

And just in the past two days, the very same things happened to me! Could it have been the same biker and jogger, or was it just coincidence, or is it more common than I first thought? My dog and I were passed by a fast bike rider and a runner on a path and on a narrow sidewalk, startling both my dog and myself. I asked both persons to please announce their presence before they get close in the future and they said they would.

But will they remember?

The Right Thing to Do

A dog can lunge when startled. . . so to protect yourself and prevent from startling others on paths and narrow sidewalks and just to be polite, please announce that you are coming up from behind. We will get out of your way. It’s the right thing to do.

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Now send it to Runners World, etc... And make sure they know I have witnessed a dog walker so startled, that the open poop bag struck the jogger when she gasped and jumped!

Tomorrow: Final Words to Joggers, and Others

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