Friday, August 7, 2015

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Small Dog vs Big Dog

Why are small dogs different from big dogs? Or are they?
Why do small dogs tend to be more yappy and hard to housetrain? Why do they jump up on us more? Is there a difference between small dogs and big dogs?
I believe small dogs yap more, jump up more, are harder to housetrain because that is behavior we accept in small dogs but don’t accept in big dogs. When small dogs bark, we tolerate it more because big dogs are louder when they bark so we don’t tolerate it as well in them. When small dogs nip or jump up, it does less damage than when a large dog does it. When they have an accident in the house, it is a smaller accident.
Dr. Stanley Coren from Canada has a column in Psychology Today about dogs: he discusses the possible differences between small dogs and large dogs, and the reasons behind them in this column.

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