Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Book Review: Find Momo (border collie, find the dog, photography)

Find Momo: My Dog is Hiding in This Book. Can You Find Him? By Andrew Knapp (Quirk Books, 2014, 143 pages, $14.95)

Finding Nemo.
Where’s Elmo?
Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
Where’s Waldo?
And a British book we had fun with in Afghanistan: Where’s Osama bin Laden?

But Find Momo is my current and forever favorite.

Who’s Momo? Where’s Momo? Find Momo.

Once there was a boy named Andrew who had a dog named Momo. Excuse me – a Border Collie named Momo, not just a dog. Andrew would throw a stick for Momo to fetch. Momo would get the stick but, instead of bringing it back to Andrew, Momo would hide. (Has this happened to you?) So, Andrew decided to turn his lemon into lemonade. . . .

Momo is a Canadian Border Collie who loves to hide in cityscapes and countryscapes.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find Momo amid more than 100 pages of photographs that are stunning in themselves but, with a dog like Momo, are unforgettably fun.

A Hide-and-Seek Photography Book* but Don’t Give Up!

Momo may be sticking his head out from behind a car or a building or a tree. He may be poking his head up from a ditch or a window. He may be peering out at you from who knows where, wherever he makes friends of the human or canine kind.

But you will stare and stare and stare until you do find him. And then you will go on to the next page and before you know it, an hour has passed.

When you finish the book, you will start the quest again and it will be easier but not easy.

You may have to cheat by using a magnifying glass. (I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me.)

Sometimes Momo is big. Sometimes he is small. Sometimes he is whole but most of the time he isn’t all there – look for his head in all the right places, though. He usually wears a red kerchief (bandana), too.

He won’t be in the top of a tree, however: he’s on Facebook. He’s on Instagram.

He rides around Canada (and the US) with his Andrew in a big yellow Volkswagen bus from another era.

Momo looks like a fun dog, a well-camouflaged five year-old pup. That is, if you can find him! Try it here. Check out his promo video here.

Everyone’s Favorite Border Collie is Back

Momo even has a sequel. More about that one later. First I have to rest my eyes and recover from my more or less successful quest.

Now, go find Momo!

*Answers (and location details) are found in the back of the book in the Answer Key, Here’s Momo!

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