Sunday, December 6, 2015

DVD Review (not dogs): Eye of the Dolphin (Bahamas, dolphin, teenaged girl)

Eye of the Dolphin (2006/2008, DVD, 103 minutes, Quantum Entertainment)

Boy meets girl, . . . .

Boy meets, girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back again - the theme of many many books and especially movies for teens and adults.

For children, the theme may be something like this: Kid has a problem with his or her parents (or another kid or a teacher or a murder or some other problem). Often it is the parents who ‘just don’t get it.’ A crisis occurs and the kid solves the problem and teaches the parents a lesson so they change for the better.

Eye of the Dolphin

Such is the story behind Eye of the Dolphin. A troubled teen-age girl is sent to live with the father she never met before, in the islands of the Bahamas. Father (named Hawk) is not aware he has a daughter but he is also about to have his dolphin research station shut down by the local government due to lack of funding.

The Dilemma

Can the girl and her marine biologist researcher father reconcile with the help of the dolphins and can the dolphins be saved in turn? How does the troubled teen turn around her life and that of so many others while appearing onscreen in a different outfit in each scene?

“She found her voice in the ocean. . . and within herself.”

Not a bad movie. Not bad at all. Good lessons and great scenery (geological, human, and houses). The fabulous Katherine Ross is the grandmother who delivers the teen to Father after Mother’s death.

Sequel: Beneath the Blue/Way of the Dolphin

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