Friday, December 4, 2015

Movie Review: Golden Winter (pups, Christmas, loyalty, slapstick criminals)

Golden Winter: Homeless for the Holidays (Warner Bros., DVD, 2012, 89 minutes)

Gang of Five, Litter of Five

A gang of five ‘bad’ boys, a litter of five golden pups taking off on the popularity of the litter of golden pups in Snow Buddies, Treasure Buddies, Space Buddies, and the other Buddy movies.

This is another litter of lovely little golden retrievers: four males and one female named Snoozer, Jumper, Rory, Scarf and Tinkle, and their canine mom Lady plus a couple of cattle dog guard dogs and even a dog-riding guard Chihuahua.

But perhaps Golden Winter should be called Golden Christmas since it is all about the holiday. An abandoned house, an abandoned litter, a too wealthy family, a dog adoption, a busy mom and dad who learn to slow down and smell the flowers, thanks to their son, our hero. And Santa and elves, and a tree and presents, and soccer.

The holiday theme of learning about loyalty and what is really important, family, whether human or canine or human and canine. . . .

A Twist a Minute

Not eerie eyes but eerie teeth. Golden Winter fortunately had excellent dog trainers and the dogs’ words match their actions and even their mouth movements; however, when they talk, their teeth look like shark teeth or senior citizen teeth. (When not speaking, the canine teeth seem to be regular puppy teeth.) This may gross out some little girls but the boys will love it along with a few excellent characters, plot twists and ‘saves.’

However, . . . .

The best part is the trailer, unless you are a little boy or someone who simply loves golden pups!

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