Monday, November 21, 2016

EverythingDogBlog: Meet Wattson!

Wattson, the Super Dog

Yes, DogEvals did spell Wattson correctly!

Not Just a Dog

In northern Idaho, the utility company, Avista, has a dog that reminds one of Marmaduke*. (Does that make Wattson a dog spokesman or a spokesdog?)

A Super Dog!

Nevertheless, Wattson with red collar and blue cape is a doggone good dog,
who teaches kids about energy efficiency, conservation, and safety around electricity and natural gas.


The Wattson webpage at has coloring pages, puzzles, lesson plans for school and home, plus The Wattson Show!

The Wattson Show

Kids love Wattson and The Wattson Show is reminiscent of The Howdy Doody Show when grandparents were kids in the last century - or the original Mickey Mouse Show.


My only question is: Where was Wattson when I was a kid?

is America’s most lovable Great Dane who causes family escapades in comic strips (drawn by Brad Anderson from 1954-2005) and a movie (2010) starring Owen Wilson.

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