Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Face-off: Dogs and Cats in Bon Appetit (September and November)

Bon Appetit!
Sample Cover of Bon Appetit

Or should I say, “Bone Appetit”?


The September issue of Bon Appetit came a while back and I quickly perused it for dogs and cats. I didn’t expect to see many because pets don’t seem to sell food.

168 pages of food and I don’t cook! But I did receive a subscription to Bon Appetit in the mail as a gift so who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Right away, a little white fluffy dog is walking the streets of probably a fall day in New York City with a woman and a man holding a pot – ah! Dogs selling Le Creuset cookware.

No cats.

A woman baking cookies wearing a T-shirt with four elephants and a cow selling Ben and Jerry’s and some fish selling . . . what else? Fish! But, no cats.

So September’s score is Dogs 1, Cats 0.

November, Special Thanksgiving Issue of Bon Appetit

Wow! Another 162 pages of fantastic food for Thanksgiving with all the details of the meal for you novices out there including a section with new ideas for leftovers.

The Thanksgiving issue contains the regular section of City Guide - this month of Stockholm – along with pages and pages to help you select the best cookware for any occasion, and mouth-watering photos of all things food, like turkey.

I love this magazine – and that comes from someone for whom cooking is oatmeal in the morning, egg salad sandwiches for lunch, and a salad for dinner. However, if I ever do use my stove or oven again, I just may try something from Bon Appetit.

However, I digress. We have a competition to get back to. And my favorite section: Common Mistakes.

Friday Face-off

Cats, none. Dogs, none, but plenty of turkeys (dead) and a few fish (also dead).

Sorry, dear reader. . . . but, enjoy the photos!

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