Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Face-off: Cats and Dogs in TIME and The Economist?

Dogs and Cats and TIME Magazine, plus - The Economist!

1. The time/TIME is November 7, 2016 – before the election, before the world will have changed.

I remember when, in college, we all took out subscriptions to TIME or Newsweek or US News and World Report because they were weeklies and we could say at least once a week, “At least TIME loves me,” when we opened our dorm mailbox (most other days our mailboxes were empty unless we got a letter from our mothers).

A few years later, teaching in Thailand, I also subscribed to TIME once more, yearning for news from home, only to find TIME arrived three weeks late, if at all. Presumably it was also loved by those in transit. . . . accounting for its lateness and the condition in which it arrived!

TIME has changed: it used to be many many pages but now has slimmed down. I thought I wouldn’t see any dogs or cats as I thumbed through page after page, but then, a small dog starring in a movie* appeared, plus a cat on the Love It/Leave It page!

It seems cellist David Teie has recorded an album expressly for cats, complete with purrs and chirps. It even reached number one on the iTunes classical music chart.

However, I suspect that not many issues of TIME include cats, or dogs.

2. And The Economist

This is a first! Two magazines in one blog. What a bonus! Right? Nope. . . .

Why Not?

Due to a dearth of dogs (and cats), DogEvals looked at this week’s issue of The Economist, November 4, 2016. Did we see any dogs, any cats?

Nope, Nary a One

However, in the Science and Technology section you will find a short article on Shark Behaviour. Does that count, even if The Economist spelled behavior wrong?

*John Travolta, almost unrecognizable as a lawman, and Ethan Hawke in the current Western, Valley of Violence, also starring Border Collie-mix Jumpy as Abbie

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